I pray for a vision quest, of awakening wisdom;
Remembering and forgetting; of existence into the sacred spiral.

Welcome to BiljanaArt.com!

Reflect Dream and Inspire

Whirling Wisdom Creations unfolds the soul medicine journeys of Biljana Banchotova

Artwork that inspire vision, find collective light and planetary healing!

... may you explore the ART of weaving into the wells of colour, of wisdom

may you flow and seek the Creator within...

while we tell the story, of our very own

ascension, light, love, consciousness....

'This doorway supports the two aspects and journeys of ancient
tradition and new age spirituality.

Place, where the two are building a Rainbow Bridge to channel
inspirational grounds of ascension.

Let's honour, harvest and communicate consciousness

that carry and promote multi-cultural knowledge

with cosmic awareness

... into the whirling

path of unity.'

'You may read words of wisdom at my Whirling Wisdom News Blog,
here are the offering workshops, upcoming events and art exhibits,
intuitive work, channeling and counseling.
Poetry is on the go!

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